I am a backwoods country boy and you would most likely take one look at me and agree. However, I am a little different than most. You will find no deer antlers hanging in my house or even a fish. Although I learned to shoot and hunt as a child, I soon figured out I could not hurt an animal. I live in a small Georgia town with my wife and son who attends the local college. I have worked with animals in one way or the other for my whole life. I started making leashes and collars for my friend's pets and now make my living making items for dogs, goats and cattle. When asked, I normally say I am partially retired even though I work 8 to 14 hours a day. I enjoy what I do so much it just doesn’t seem like work. I sincerely hope you buy one of my quality hand made pet products. Remember, the sale is not finished until you are happy with the product.