New Item Pig Harness With Leash Front And Back Buckle A Style Easy On

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Adjustable harness for your pig or full grown hog. Comes With Matching Leash We have finally made alterations to make these easier on and off. Looking for pictures on larger pigs and any feedback on the harness you can gove. I am using them and I think they are great. Comes with a matching Leash
I have special made them for hogs for a long time but after encouragement from buyers

I have decided to list them. Especially after I saw the price other sellers were charging for the same type item.

I price mine reasonable and they are made with quality webbing and metal hardware when the high priced ones aren't.

You don't like them when you get them just return them. It has never cost me a dime to stand behind my product.

 Please understand if you send me neck and body size I can custom fit these a lot better for you.

Small Size  (body) 17 to 24. (Neck) 15 to 20 inches

Medium Size (body) 21 to 30. (Neck) 18 to 27 inches

Large Size (body) 24.5 to 36.5 (Neck) 21 to 33 inches

Ex Large Size (body) 27 to 43 (Neck) 25 to 37 inches

XX Large Body XX 32 to 54 Neck 30 to 50

3XL            BODY 48 TO 92     NECK 35 TO 60

Measure the body behind the front legs to get size. If you are unsure contact me for help.