• Pig Harness w/ Double Bar Buckle Adjustable EASY DURABLE


    The side  Metal side release buckles are great but over time they wear out and become loose or just come undone. I buy the best qualith I can find and still this problem does exist. Welcome to a Carter Pet Supply new Design. Easy as swinging on the porch while sipping lemonade with your Sweety. Leave front neck part buckled but adjust it to fit over Mis Piggys head. Then pull the back part together and buckle. Now for sizing. Measure your pig around the body just behind the front legs. Pick the size from below. Untill I can move my website to handle overseas shipping please use the contact info on the site to contact me for exporting to your country. Free shipping USA only

    Small Size  (body) 17 to 24. 
    Medium Size (body) 21 to 30.  

    Large Size (body) 24.5 to 36.5 

    Ex Large Size (body) 27 to 43 

    XX Large Body XX 32 to 54
    1.                                                                     XXX LARGE BODY 48 TO 72
                                                   YEAH HES BIG AND WE ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO FITS HIM RIGHT?