Step In Dog Harness

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My newest harness and one of my favorites. Very comfortable for the dog and easy to put on. just lay it flat and place the dogs front paws one in each side. pick up the ends and buckle. A snap!!! Also one of my favorite things about this harness is the buckle. Where it is positioned there is no pressure on what is the weakest link on most harness. That makes this a strong reliable harness even for a big strong dog such as a Pitt or Rottweiler. It has our usually USA money back or exchange guarantee. Why buy china junk when you can buy from us. 

 X Large 

Neck 22 to 30 inches

Body 35 to 47 Inches


Neck 18 to 26 inches

Body 26 to 38


Neck 14 to 20

Body 16 to 28

Small (3/4 webbing)

neck 10 to 14

body 10 to 20